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Sound Balance

Sigel’s Sound Balance range brings peace to the workplace while adding an aesthetic touch. This acoustic system solution comprises 34 wall and room elements with highly effective sound absorption and a design that is bound to impress. It is an intelligently designed solution to the problem of noise in open-plan offices. All Sound Balance products can be combined as required and unite modern design language, elegant trapeziums and three stylish colours with premium product quality.

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Haconn Premium Radiator Thermostat

This is a pemium radiator thermostat knob. One you want to put into your beautiful homes and apartments. Designers wanted to create a gorgeous looking thermostat knob with a lot of finishing and color options to match your taste and interior at a very competitive price. They have a lot of options in finishing and color without the big investment for the client. They made a smart production and assembly setup, so it is easy to change and configurate different looking products. The shape and semantics helps the learning curve, turning up is hotter, turning down is colder.

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Solarbreaker is a product which makes photovoltaics an integral part of the building. Using this specially designed system it is possible to use the entire building facade for energy production without disturbing its aesthetics. The Solarbraker collection includes fences, balustrades and blinds, covered with solar panels. In this way, using traditional finishing elements of the building, it can be supplemented with an invisible, non-disturbing block of renewable energy sources.

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Etile photovoltaic roofing sheet is a product that combines the functions of roofing and photovoltaic panels. The modular, easy-to-use product allows it to be delivered to almost any type of building. Thanks to integrating PV panels in the roof you benefit on time and costs of installation and provide yourself with aesthetic roofing, which performs an additional function - generates electricity. Etile is based on standard steel tile, which makes it easy to install and it does not require changes in the roof structure.

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Bcompact Hybrids

The humble staircase gets a simple and innovative upgrade with the Bcompact Hybrids, sideways folding stair with compacting handrail and integrated safety gate, or Hybrid Ladder with fixed short stand-off handrail. These lightweight and sturdy, space-saving, patented designs fold neatly sideways to close flush with, or into the wall when not in use and are made from sustainably sourced laminated Bamboo; color stained to match your décor, and tailored to your exact specifications; making assembly and installation a breeze. After Time; Space, in the modern metropolis is our most precious commodity.

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Marquina Gold

Marquina gold will make any interior elegant and stylish. It’s a suggestion for enthusiasts of chic, timeless interiors decorated with subtle references to the latest trends. Pattern tonality of the tiles beautifully reflects the intricate network of veins found in natural stone. Marquina Gold tiles will bring luxury to a living room, kitchen or bathroom, where attention to the quality of the finishing material closely correlates to achieving that unique atmosphere. Tiles are frost-resistant and have anti-slip properties, thanks to which they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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