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To avoid troubles of existing sockets a new unique product was designed mostly to make it convenient and child safe. Thanks to its multi-functional patent pending pipe design the product especially made for B2B prevents a lot of troubles, allowing to use any kind of input device as well as detect the power consumption and voltage which is needed for the proper work.

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Sapeli Muteo

The Sapeli Muteo represent a new challenge in interior architecture. This unique solution completely removes the handle from the door surface and the only thing you have to do is just push or pull. Everything else happens automatically. The ingenious solution of the mechanical lock, which, together with the new Z-shaped door, forms a perfectly functional unit. This patented solution offers new possibilities for architects, who can newly work with continuing surfaces of doors and surrounding walls.

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Eikon Exe

Eikon Exe design is characterized by an essential and minimalist style. It is available in a wide range of finishes and exclusive materials, thus allowing personalised choices, in line with actual interior trends. Materials include glossy and brushed metals, glasses, mirrors, wood, leather and marbled stoneware. Eikon Exe offers a full range of functions, from traditional devices, to home and building automation, to state-of-the-art IoT solutions, for example, to wirelessly control your lights.

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Bamboo Sound

The design inherits Jiangnan culture and bamboo culture, and refines the shape and essence of bamboo by studying the classical paintings of Tang Yin, a famous painter in Ming Dynasty and Zheng Banqiao, a famous painter in Qing Dynasty. Using multilayer grinding and translucent acrylic overlay, baking white paint on the back and bamboo pattern silk printing on the back of acrylic, it shows the illusory mood of bamboo sea.

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Teos have superior properties such as scratch resistance thanks to process raw materials is quartz minerals hardest material; nonporous due to engineered stone technology. Hygienic and antibacterial surfaces, shiny like diamonds, sustainable every slab, fireproof, higher chemical resistance, higher abrasion, flexural and impact strength, thermal shock and slip resistance and so on never been on natural stones and marble.

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Modernizm is a combination of tradition and innovation. It is distinguished by rediscovered corset tiles, i.e. small ceramic cubes with characteristic notches and embossments. The collection catches the eye with a variety of patterns, formats and colours, offering freedom of arrangement. The products can be used on both floors and walls. They will be perfect for buildings under conservation protection, but also for tenement houses, modern restaurants, shops or home space.

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