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KNX Waltz Touch Pad

KNX intelligent control with integrated screen and buttons, the first G-link configuration mode in KNX; users can DIY the functions and colors of buttons, and the button can be freely replaced to adapt to different architectural styles. The independent metal bar design at the bottom with built-in electronic components makes the panel thinner and also enhance the brand recognition.

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Marble Hexagon Tile

Marble hexagon tiles are traditionally cut with waterjets; however, it is an extremely slow and expensive process. After a long research period, R&D department of Ionic Stone has been able to develop a new technique that now enables them to cut rectangle tiles into hexagon and chevron formats with utmost precision in dimensions with a much lower cost. Currently, the company is producing marble hexagon tiles at affordable prices. Thanks to this new technique they have become the world's first mass-producer of innovative formats, such as hexagons, trapezoids and chevrons.

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Intelligent Innovation

Featuring intelligence, intelligent doors can make the outdoor space more transparent, and the indoor space more closely to the outdoors's. In addition to the basic functions such as fingerprint recognition and electronic door viewer, the intelligent door adopts the modular integration design concept. Extended modules and structure interfaces are reserved in the door frame and door body, through which different functional modules can be installed according to the needs.

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The GLASSWAVE multiaxial curtain wall system opens the door to greater flexibility in designing glass walls for mass production. This new concept in curtain walls is based on the principle of vertical mullions with cylindrical rather than rectangular profiles. This definitively innovative approach means that structures with multidirectional connections can be created, increasing tenfold the possible geometric combinations in glass wall assembly. GLASSWAVE is a low-rise system intended for the market of distinctive buildings of three floors or less (majestics halls, showrooms, atriums etc.)

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D-eco Brick

DecoBrick is a decorative product in which used plastic cups are employed in an environmentally friendly way. DecoBrick has come to life as an answer to the question ‘How can we use this plastic waste of cups and pet bottles in the most efficient way?’. This design uses 4 to 6 pieces of plastic waste that are placed in a simple plastic mold, which later form a 3D brick system. The system can be used at building walls, gardens and in many different areas.

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Obsidian RBST

NETELSAN ObsidianRBST is a doorbell panel with video conversation. Functions carried on the bell panel are designed with modular architecture. Functioning modules can be used with various alternatives depending on the project requirements. "Functional modules" with the aluminum extrusion profile, create the body of the product and there are LED wall washers lighting on both sides of the ObsidianRBST. Design features allow use in all kind of grounds and environments including luxury buildings due to its elegant look and both inner and outer environments with its solid construction.

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